Beautiful & idyllic camping sites in the heart of Värmland
Breakfast at the Kungskvarnen Hotel

Treat yourself to a really good morning with breakfast in the relaxing environment at the Kungskvarnen Hotel. Make your reservation here!

At the marina café you'll find

ice-cream, shrimp sandwiches and much more. Sit down, enjoy the beautiful environment and avoid queuing by placing your order directly on your mobile with the WEIQ app. Read more here.

The Marina Café
Ship ahoy!

Welcome to take the boat to us, and moor it at Borgvik Guest Marina. Here you can settle down in peace and quiet at an available guest spot.

Check in around the clock with the GoMarina app directly on your smart phone, or swish in your payment at the marina café. Read more here.

Swedish nature experiences & family activities

Canoeing, sailing, fishing, swimming, cycling or hiking? Read more here.

Experience the cradle of Värmland & beautifully preserved history

In Borgvik, you get to experience the cradle and ancient history of Värmland, thanks to the beautifully preserved buildnings and historical artifacts.

Here, the history lives on in new forms and shapes. The King's Mill (Kungskvarnen) is now a hotel and a restaurant, the grain magazine is now a museum, the grinding mill has become an art gallery and local crafts are now sold in the old shop. Read more here.